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03-04 Mustang Cobra Single Turbo System - 450 to 850 HP

Tuner System Price - $5,695.00

Complete System Price - $6,395.00

(Complete System Includes injectors and Programmer with Base Tune Installed) 

The 2003-2004 Mustang Cobra marked the pinnacle of Mustang Performance. It's stout engine put out nearly 400hp straight from the factory, which quickly earned the Cobra a coveted spot on the list of extreme street cars. If you want the ultimate in power production and performance for your '03-'04 Cobra install a Hellion Power Systems turbo kit and watch the numbers climb. Power anywhere from 450-800 hp is available from the standard system, with upgrades available for even more power, all while retaining the accessories and without cutting the body.A complete list of these upgrades, and pricing, can be seen below.

Complete Parts List

System Options

 76mm Hellion/Turbonetics (billet wheel)
 Ball bearing upgrade for Hellion/Turbonetics
 76mm Precision CEA Billet Wheel Turbo$750
 Ball bearing upgrade for Precision Turbo


 Turbosmart E boost 2 boost controller $571.94
 Maximum Motorsports K-member upgrade$995
 Maximum Motorsports oil filter relocation kit (required for 4v installs)$330
 AEM wide band O2 kit$220
 Heat shield$90

Maximum Motorsports K-Member Upgrade

MM Hellion K-member
MM Front control arms
MM Front coil over conversion kit w/hypercoil springs
MM Aluminum steering rack bushings
MM Caster camber plates
MM Ajustable tie rod ends
Oil filter Relocation Kit +$290

K-Member Delete Options

This Kit includes the, caster camber plates, a-arms and coil over with the K-Member. If Package is deleted, none of the merchandise in K-member kit will be received.

(Customer understands that 99-04 systems were designed around the UPR tubular
K-member , therefore, using any other manufacturer may complicate installation of the Hellion Turbo System and change the intended design.)  

Delete K-member kit (K-member, A-arms, Coilovers, and Caster/Camber plates) -$695
Delete Caster Camber Plates Only -$85
Delete Coilovers Only -$150

Parts required to install the 03-04 Cobra kit

  • 99-01 Alternator #YR3210346AA 
  • Alternator Bracket #XR3Z-10153-AB 
  • 99-01 Cobra Intake (Lower) #YR3Z9424BA (Upper) #XR3Z9424AA 
  • 99-01 Serpentine Belt Motorcraft # JK6 - 941 
  • 99-01 Throttle Cable Bracket & Cable Bracket # XR3Z9728CA Cable #1R3Z9A758CA 
  • Alternator Wires to extend . pigtail #1U2Z14S411UA
    *If keeping EGR is desired, need 99-01 EGR tube # XR3Z9D477DB

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