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96-98 Mustang Cobra Single Turbo System - 350 to 850 HP

Tuner System Price - $5,195.00

Complete System Price - $6,195.00

(Complete System Includes injectors and Programmer with Base Tune Installed) 

Take your snake to the next level with a turbo kit from Hellion Power Systems. Our kit is capable of making  400rwhp to 600rwhp, with the standard 62mm turbo - all while retaining every factory accessory and option, and without cutting the body. All kits coms standard with 100% 16 gauge stainless steel piping, and have all the visible pipes polished. The kit comes with a lifetime warranty on all piping, as well as a 1 year, unconditional warranty from Turbonetics on the turbo. A full list of upgrades, as well as kit deletes and associated pricing can be seen below, along with a complete parts list and pictures.

Complete Parts List

System Options

 61 mm Hellion/Turbonetics (billet wheel)
  76mm Hellion/Turbonetics (billet wheel) includes upgraded bypass valve 
  Ball bearing upgrade for Hellion/Turbonetics
 67mm Precision CEA Billet Wheel Turbo


 76mm Precision CEA Billet Wheel Turbo$750
 Ball bearing upgrade for Precision Turbo$600
 Turbosmart E boost 2 boost controller$571.94
 Maximum Motorsports K-member upgrade$995
 Bassani High Flow High Performance Catalytic Converter$125
 Maximum Motorsports oil filter relocation kit (required for 4v installs) $330
 AEM wide band O2 kit$220
 Turbosmart billet BOV
 Heat shield$90

Maximum Motorsports K-Member Upgrade

MM Hellion K-member
MM Front control arms
MM Front coil over conversion kit w/hypercoil springs
MM Aluminum steering rack bushings
MM Caster camber plates
MM Ajustable tie rod ends

Delete K-Member Kit

This kit includes the caster camber plates, a-arms, and coil over with the K-Member. If Package is deleted, none of the merchandise in K-member kit will be received.

(Customer understands that 99-04 systems were designed around the UPR tubular
K-member Kit and therefore, using any other manufacturer may complicate installation of the Hellion Turbo System and change the intended design.)  

Delete K-member kit (K-member, A-arms, Coilovers, and Caster/Camber plates) -$695
Delete Caster Camber Plates Only -$85
Delete Coilovers Only -$150


System Deletes

Delete fuel injectors -$249
Delete fuel pump -$100
Delete mass air meter -$100


Kit Gallery

Kit Instructions


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