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79-93 Mustang Single Turbo System - 350 to 850 HP

Base Price - $3,995.00

We changed the way everyone viewed mail-order turbocharging systems with our original turbo system for the 86-93 Mustang, and now we've done it again. Introducing the "Heat" system. The 79-93 Mustang "Heat" system combines the legendary quality that Hellion is known for with an affordable price that is sure to open the door for customers who may not have been able to afford Hellion's systems before. Featuring the same high quality, stainless steel construction (Mild steel headers) and powerful Turbonetics turbochargers that Hellion made it's name on, the new system promises to open up new doors both for Hellion as a company, but also for it's customers. These systems still install with no cutting and will retain the A/C and other accessories. Call today and ask us about the Heat system. A complete list of parts as well as customer pictures can be seen below.

Complete Parts List

System Options

 61 mm Hellion/Turbonetics (billet wheel) $150
 76mm Hellion/Turbonetics (billet wheel) includes upgraded bypass valve $495
 Ball bearing upgrade for Hellion/Turbonetics $395
 67mmPrecision Turbo (billet wheel)
 76mm Precision Turbo GTS (billet wheel) $750
 Ball bearing upgrade for Precision Turbo$600
 Turbosmart E boost 2 boost controller$571.94
 AEM wide band O2 kit
 Turbosmart billet BOV
 Heat shield$90

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