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Michael - 2003 Cobra 76mm Single

I have a Sonic Blue 2003 SVT Cobra with your T76BB Kit and suspension kit. During my time in Iraq I had the kit installed and tuned so upon coming home it was ready to go. I also went the route of a Sullivan Upper/Lower combo and a bunch of other goodies. The motor as it sits is still untouched and bone stock. I also still have the factory clutch and tranny and IRS. Now granted the clutch is going to need to be replaced soon! I just got the car tuned for pump gas. So far I think I have made the most with your kit than anybody one stock motor with pump and no additives. The car sits right now at 717.2rwhp/672rwtq at 18 psi and 16* timing. I did take it the track on a 14psi tune I had that made 677/599 and spun all the way to a 12.93@128.8. But for that I will be employing a SRA tune for this season to hopefully get the car into the 9's on pump gas. I would like to thank you guys to for the amazing kit you have put together and the overall quality of it. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Thanks guys! 

Mike's Hellion Cobra

Mike's Hellion cobra on the dyno

Mike's Hellion 76mm turbo on the Dyno

A Shot of Mike's Turbo

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