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UPR Products - '05 Mustang GT Hellion 61mm Single

UPR's In House GT. Here's what UPR had to say about the kit and it's performance on their car:

 " I have been bringing our 2005 Mustang GT to Ford shows all over the country this year. It has generated great interest with the most common question being "How fast is it?" Jeremy (UPR sales manager and resident hotshoe) and I took it to the new Palm Beach International RacewayFriday night to find out.

First pass was 12.07@116 with a 1.79 60 foot. Second pass was a 12.05 @117. Jeremy then let it cool off for an hour and despite a 25mph headwind went out and made his best pass, a This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The incrementals were 1.700 60 foot, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it /8th mile and 9.96 1000 foot.

The car is equipped with Hellion Power Systems' base single turbo kit (61mm). It was installed by 10.5 superstar Brad Brand of Atlanta Chassis Dyno. We just had good friend Steve Lee of Thunder Autosports in Boynton Beach, Fl. tweak the tune using a Diablosport Predator handheld tuner.

Since I use this car as our hotel shuttle on the road, it was imperative to have an ultra conservative tune- timing was set at 14 degrees max. The car also has a second in-tank fuel pump. Otherwise it is entirely stock.

UPR Products CEO, Joe Mainiero, also drove the 2005 Mustang GT at the track. He personally drove it to Palm Beach International Raceway during the 2008 Citrus Nationals.After a 12.03 get acquainted pass with a 1.79 60 foot, Joe left the line hard and carded a 1.56 60 foot and speed shifted his way to a This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it pass. This was done on the same 30 series M/T drag radials and UPR Pro-Street rear suspension that the UPR sales team drove all over the country this year. The Hellion Kit performed flawlessly in the 85 degree Florida afternoon weather.

All who witnessed it couldn't believe how smooth and quiet the car runs, let alone how fast. The drivability of this car is incredible. Nobody driving this car would ever suspect it has been modified until they floorboard it. The Hellion kit is a bolt-on installation and requires no cutting or fabricating. It absolutely retains an all OEM feel. The car is actually quieter than stock, which adds to its "sleeper" status. Oh, the best part, it got 24 mpg on the trip to and from the track.

My hat is off to John Urist, NMRA Super Street Outlaw champion, for designing an incredible turbocharger kit at his Hellion skunkworks. And, again, this is only the base level kit. UPR is an authorized Hellion dealer and can tailor a package to any horsepower level depending on upgrades. "

UPR's '05 Hellion Powered GT Launching

 UPR's Hellion turbocharged 05 Show Car

 UPR's Turbocharged 05 GT Show Car

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