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Mike - 93 LX 76mm Heat kit
"The T76 worked out great.  I'm very impressed with the quality and performance of your kit.  My ignition system was weak, so I was only able to get to 14lbs of boost.  It made 585 rwhp and 550 ft/lbs of torque (the engine/turbo was totally heat soaked during this pull).  The turbo spooled up to 14lbs by 3500 rpms and the air intake charge temp was 60 degrees cooler than the T-trim I had on there.  It blew the doors in on that T-trim...across the board.  I picked up an average of 110 ft/lbs of torque and 85 hp from 3000 to 5500 rpms..exactly where I wanted it. 
I'm really happy w/ the kit.  My car is like a stealth bomber now...it's stock quiet until the wastegate opens...total sleeper.


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