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Welcome to the News section of Hellion Power Systems. Here you will find the latest news from Hellion Power Systems. The news in this section will focus on kit developments, kit performances, and other customer and company related happenings. If you are also interested in the latest news from the Hellion Racing team, pleasecheck out the racing section, as there will be updates after each event posted in that section.

Hellion Single 67mm Coyote System goes 8.70 at Bradenton, FL NMRA opener!

This year, the NMRa added a new class of racing to it's heads-up lineup - Coyote Modified. This class requires the new Coyote 4V engine as a base, with limited power adders and other strict rules. Under these new rules, Hellion debuted a new car, piloted by Frank Varela and powered by one of Hellion's 67mm single turbo systems for the Coyote platform. In this trim, Frank ripped through the competition by qualifying number one and winning the race - all while setting the tone for things to come in this exciting new class. This performance makes this car the fastest 67mm turbo car in the country. 

Hellion Releases Twin Turbo System for Ford Raptor

Raptor at SEMA

Hellion's new twin turbo system for the 2011-2014 Ford Raptor made it's debut at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV. This revolutionary twin turbo system features the same high quality construction and top-of-the-line parts as our popular Eliminator system, making this setup the most powerful available from the aftermarket. Call us today and be one of the first to get your hands on this amazing system.

  • Precision CEA billet wheel 62mm turbochargers with V-Band Inlet/outlet
  • Turbosmart CompGate 40 wastegates and Vee Port Pro blow off valve
  • Larger air to air bar and plate intercooler
  • Keeps all factory accessories (a/c, power steering, etc...)
  • LIFETIME warranty on all piping
  • BEST customer service in the industry
  • Turn key and tuner systems available
  • Emissions friendly - retains all factory smog equipment

Hellion Builds Custom Twin Turbo System for Michael Strahan

strahan build pic

Hellion was recently contacted to build a custom twin turbo system for Michael Strahans 69 GTO! Demented customs (Hobbs, NM) is building an LSX powered 69 Pontiac GTO for the former New York Giants defensive end. One main goal of the project is to achieve over 700 rwhp through the use of the custom Hellion setup. 

Muscle Fit for an Olympian

flex banner

Former Mr. Olympian Flex Wheeler knows about American Muscle.  The 5 time Iron Man pro winner, 4 time Arnold pro classic winner, and 2 time Mr. Olympia runner up chose the Hellion power systems twin turbo Hemi kit to power his sick ride. Starting with a built 426, Flex installed the 1000 hp capable Hellion system to power his 2007 Charger. The Demented customs paint work is the just the surface, this ride has made over 815 hp and 880 ft/lb of torque! Flex drives this car daily, and as he says “I drive my car to the shows, this isn’t a trailer queen, I drive it everywhere”

Tony A. from Florida sets the bar HIGH with his Hellion TT powered GT500!

At a recent track outing, Florida-based Hellion customer Tony A. set a new standard for 6-speed GT500's, running a 9.49 ET at an astonishing 151 mph. Not only were these numbers posted with the factory 6-speed in place, but with an untouched, bolt-on Hellion Twin Turbo setup, running through the stock supercharger. This is also the fastest that one of the street driven, compound boost setups has gone. Keep in mind, these numbers were achieved with all of the factory comforts still in place, and the car was driven to and from the track.

Here is a video of the run:

Dyno Graph:

Truly an awesome performance.

Ryan Vitiritto and Cory Harris take 1st and 2nd place overall at the 5.0 Mustang and Super Fords King of the Street Competition!

Hellion Power Systems was well represented at the latest 5.0 Mustang and Super Fords King of the Street shootout in Bowling Green, KY. with 3 out of the top 10 competitors utilizing Hellion turbo systems. What made the event even more special was that the top 2 finishers in the competition, Ryan Vitiritto ( 1st place) and Cory Harris (2nd place) were both Hellion customers. Both Ryan and Cory brought cars featuring built 4-valve engines and Hellion "Hellraiser" Twin Turbo systems, however each had a very different combo. Ryan utilized a N/A style intake with his twin 66mm turbocharged ride, which started life as a V6 Mustang, while Cory's '03 Cobra used a compound setup with the stock Eaton in conjunction with his 66mm turbos. Both cars brought serious power to the table, in fact, they finished 1-2 in the dyno competition as well, with Ryan coming in 2nd at 907 rear wheel horsepower, and Cory pounding out an earth rotating (and tire-spinning) 982 rear wheel horsepower, a new KOTS record (interestingly enough, the previous record was held by a Hellion Single turbo car, owned by Nate Phillips). 

Both Ryan and Cory knew that it would take much more than power to win in this competition though, and they came prepared.Both cars are absolutely spotless from top to bottom, and are worthy of sharing the show-floor with any show-car in the country. Both also featured great driveability, and the clean installation of their Hellion systems helped them finish high in the "fit and finish" category as well.

So here's a big pat on the back from all of us here at Hellion Power Systems to go along with your titles of baddest street Mustangs in America. 

Check out some pictures of both Ryan and Cory's cars:

Israel re-sets his personal best with his Hellion powered '03 Cobra, running a 9.31 @ 147.22 mph.

Mark Larson runs 8.95 @ 154mph with his Hellion powered '03 Cobra!


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