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Boost Controllers

Smaller and lighter than other Manual Boost Controllers on the market. Set your boost and forget it. Boost adjustable from under the hood with an accurate, proven Detent System. Easy to install and adjust.

Turbosmart Boost Tee Manual Boost Controller - $83.42

Control the boost from the driver’s seat. Ideal for the active enthusiast who wants boost adjustment on the run. Detent System makes adjusting a breeze. Gated System brings boost on faster.

Turbosmart In-Cabin Manual Boost Controller - $139.04

Fast boost response with two adjustable boost levels. Toggle between high and low boost on the fly. Ideal replacement for factory boost controllers. Both high and low boost settings are fully adjustable.

Turbosmart Dual Stage Manual Boost Controller - $206.99

A brand new electronic boost controller aimed at the street performance market. It features many boost control capabilities found on its big brother – the e-Boost2, continuing the e-Boost tradition of providing class leading boost control, value for money and no nonsense features.

Turbosmart eBoost Street Boost Controller - $314.99

More than just a boost controller, e-Boost2 puts you in total control of your turbocharger. With a host of features and state-of-the-art software, e-Boost2 is the one accessory all owners of turbocharged  cars should have! Easy to use, yet technologically advanced, e-Boost2 is equally at home in a street-going vehicle as it is in a top-level race car.

Turbosmart e-Boost 2 Electronic Boost Controller - $557.99


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