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Snow Performance

Snow Performance's Boost Sensitive Water/Methanol injection kit will allow you to get race gas performance out of your pump gas-fueled car. By simply adding the 50/50 water/methanol injection kit to your car, 93 octane fuel will automatically perform like 116 octane race fuel. This kit will use a boost reference to provide a linear, boost-sensitive flow of the water/meth mix to your intake tract, cooling the air charge, and boosting the octane rating of your fuel to provide the most power from your vehicle.

Snow Performance Boost Controlled Water/Meth Injection Kit - $479.00

If your vehicle is equipped with a quick spooling turbocharger, or a low-end power producer such as a Roots or Screw type supercharger, Snow Performance's MAF regulated water/methanol injection kit is your best bet. Controlled by the signal from the Mass Air Flow sensor (MAF) this kit will instantly boost octane numbers by 20-25 points, and cool the incoming air charge in order to boost performance. This means that your car can be tuned more aggressively without worry of detonation.

Snow Performance MAF Controlled Water/Meth Injection Kit - $479.00



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