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ProCharger Superchargers

The first race blower offering from ProCharger is the potent F1-R. This blower feature's ProCharger's self-contained oiling system, as well as their battle-tested transmission. This combination of self-contained oiling, as well as the step up ratios provided by the bullet proof transmission mean that this blower can support up to 1,300 hp and boost levels as high as 30 psi.

ProCharger F1-R Supercharger - $3,631.85


The intermediate power producer in ProCharger's race lineup is the powerful F2-R blower. The F2-R has proven itself to be very powerful, having propelled several cars into the mid-to-high 7 second range.
This supercharger features the same transmission and self contained oiling system as the other race superchargers, but with an increased step up ratio and stronger hardware throughout. This supercharger
is capable of producing up to 1,600 hp and 35+ psi of boost. This supercharger is also available in a reverse-rotation configuration, to allow you to feed fresh air from the front of the vehicle.

ProCharger F2-R Supercharger - $4,559.05

The next level of performance from ProCharger comes by way of the enormous F3-R supercharger. This massive air mover is available in both 131mm and 139mm versions, as well as standard or reverse-rotation configurations. This monster is capable of moving enough air to create 50 psi of boost and over 2,000 hp. It also features the self-contained oiling system for longer bearing life and cooler
operating temperatures, and the tried and true transmission that the other blowers have.

ProCharger F3-R Race Supercharger - $5,686.70


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