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Fuel Components

Hellion is a proud dealer of Weldon Racing products, including their line of fuel pumps. The Weldon 2025A fuel pump offers -8 sized inlets and outlets, and can support about 1400hp. For a full data sheet on the Weldon 2025A fuel pump, please click HERE.

Weldon 2025A Fuel Pump - $749.00

Continuing along the line of fuel pumps offered by Weldon, we have the 2035A. The 2035A has a -12 inlet as well as a -10 outlet to flow 180-210GPH. This pump will support up to 1,800 hp and fuel pressures of up to 80 psi. For a full data sheet on the 2035A fuel pump, please click HERE.

Weldon 2035A Fuel Pump - $845.00

One of the more aggressive pump offerings from Weldon, is the potent 2345A pump. This massive fuel-mover is capable of flowing 200-250 GPH of fuel at pressures up to 80psi. Like the 2035, this pump is equipped with a -12 inlet as well as a -10 outlet. For a full data sheet on the 2345A, please click HERE.

Weldon 2345A Fuel Pump - $1,125.00


Weldon's 2040 Fuel Pressure Regulator is fully adjustable from 4-200psi, giving you a virtually unlimited range of fuel pressure adjustability. This regulator is also boost sensative, with an increase ratio of1:1 for fuel pressure in relation to boost. Constructed from anodized aluminum and steel, this regulator is built to withstand years of racing abuse, and keep working perfectly.For a full data sheet on the 2040 Fuel Pressure Regualtor, please click HERE.

Weldon 2040 fuel Pressure Regulator - $235.00


Hellion also offers Weldon's full line of fuel filter elements, including their 10, 40, and 100 micron filters. Constructed of an efficient paper cellulous material, these filter elements will trap even the smallest
particles to ensure that if your expensive engine is damaged, it won't be because of contaminated fuel.

Weldon Fuel Filters - $87.50



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