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This is the 61mm turbo that we include standard in all of our kits. It is capable of producing 15-18 lbs of boost and about 600 rear wheel horsepower in V8 applications. This turbo is the best bang for the buck turbocharging option available and is a great start to any street/strip turbo build. The 61mm will come with a 1 year, unconditional warranty from Turbonetics, and can be ordered with or without a "Hellion" stamped cover.

Hellion 61mm Turbocharger - $990.00

Hellion Power Systems has Hellion/Turbonetics T-series turbocharges available in sizes ranging from 66mm all the way to 76mm. These turbochargers are the same ones that Hellion supplies as upgrades in their kits, and are thoroughly tested and proven to be durable even under extreme conditions. These turbochargers are also available with a ball bearing option at an additional cost.

T-Series Turbochargers sizes 66mm - 76mm - $1,192.50

For the next level in performance, Hellion Power Systems also carries mid-frame Turbonetics Turbochargers in sizes ranging from 76mm to 88mm. These turbos will support immense amounts of power, and have the signature durability and quality that Turbonetics is known for. These turbos feature ball bearings standard, providing even more performance and durability at no extra cost to you.

Mid-Frame Turbochargers sizes 76mm - 88mm - $2,842.50


The latest generation of performance is the Y2K series from Turbonetics. The Hellion/Turbonetics Y2K series turbos offer huge power without the massive housings. These turbos range in size from 82mm to 91mm, but have slightly smaller housings than the full race 88mm or 91mm turbos. This means that the Y2K series are more versatile than their larger, race-only brethren. These turbos also come with ceramic ball bearings standard for improved power and durability.

Turbonetics Y2K Turbo, 88-91mm - $2,995.00


The Turbonetics Thumper line of turbochargers are designed to put you miles ahead of the competition. These turbos are equipped with ceramic ball bearings for longer life, and higher horsepower. These are the turbochargers that the Hellion Racing team members use to set records and dominate races on the NMRA, and PSCA circuits. These turbos are available in sizes ranging from 91mm all the way to 106mm, with horsepower ratings of 1,400 for the 91mm all the way up to 2,200 hp for the 106mm. These are the most powerful turbos in racing today.

Thumper Series Turbochargers sizes 91mm - 106mm
Ball Bearings Standard
- $3,592.50


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